Our portfolio of products & solutions use AI to solve specific, high value problems to generate differentiated benefits for our customers.

Product Signals

Analysis of customer feature sentiment and opinions about your product, competing products and pricing


Feature Sentiment: ID and prioritize features customers value most; quickly benchmark vs. competition

White Space: identify gaps in the market for new products

Price Monitor: evaluate how your prices and discounts compare to competitors

Quality Radar: anticipate and address emerging quality issues

Products in Action: assess how your products are being used with image analysis

Hoot! APP

Video, photo, audio and text feedback from our network of Product Enthusiasts via our mobile app


Product Enthusiasts Network: tap our network of product enthusiasts for digital focus groups or private studies to inform opportunities for new products and features

Multi-Media Feedback: capture feedback in audio, video, text or images

Data Feed: receive feedback about your products from customers using our U SAiY mobile app

Company Signals

Analysis of company sentiment to identify leading indicators of company performance and risks


Company Sentiment Tracker: measure changes in company sentiment over time to inform investment and branding decisions

Industry Trends: identify emergence of trends that are most likely to create opportunities and challenges for a company

Adverse Media: leverage adverse media indicators to assess company risk

Management Stability: identify frequency and types of changes in critical leadership roles

Custom Solutions

Applications of AI customized to solve your specific business problems