Use Cases

We have experience using novel data, analytics and AI solutions across industries and problem domains to create value with unstructured data.

Product Development


Product Teams can be overwhelmed by the complex decisions they need to make across the product development lifecycle. They must determine how to capture white-space, design world class new features, launch winning products in the market and make quick adjustments to counter competitors. Current survey solutions limit the amount of data you can collect, narrow the topics you can cover, represent customers’ attitudinal views and only capture a glimpse of the “feedback” that exists in the market.

How We Help

We provide you higher quality insights than surveys at the fraction of the cost and time.

Our Product Signals solution is designed to help Product Teams get a complete market view from millions of data points at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods. We distill customer insights into intuitive product scorecards to quickly identify important features, benchmark against competitors and prioritize features to evolve or eliminate. Our approach makes analysts 10x more productive, allowing them to focus on generating novel insights and making better-informed recommendations.

Market Research


Market Research Teams are stretched thin conducting qualitative and quantitative analysis to identify opportunities and test the validity of new concepts. On a daily basis, millions of unstructured data points are published regarding trends, products and customer perceptions making it impossible to keep up using manual methods. Focus groups are costly, require significant planning, provide an inadequate representation of the market and make it challenging to reduce bias.

How We Help

We save you millions of dollars of spending on focus groups and provide less biased results.

Our Product Signals solution helps Market Research Teams execute qualitative research in a cost effective manner without sacrificing the quality of their analysis. We help you mine millions of data points to find the insights worth digging into to inform new concepts. Once a new concept is conceived, our Hoot! App solution helps you identify and interact in multimedia forms with members of our Enthusiasts Network to dramatically reduce the number of in-person focus groups needed to thoroughly vet a concept.

R & D


R&D Teams are challenged with creating new materials and solutions as the foundation for innovative new products. Testing is necessary but costly. Traditional methods require identifying participants that meet specific criteria and collecting feedback from the same participants over weeks and months. The time consuming and tedious nature of providing feedback often causes participants to drop out.

How We Help

We help you collect richer multimedia data in your R&D studies and maintain participant engagement.

Our Hoot! solution helps R&D departments identify trial participants and interact with them in the multimedia form factors that are necessary to get feedback on new concepts and collect quality data from participants. Our approach eliminates the barriers for customers to provide feedback by making it less time consuming and tedious. We allow you to interact with the same participants overtime and increase the participation rate.

Customer Experience

We help you derive actionable insights from your NPS scores without costly data integration.


Most companies have teams focused on improving customer experience. It frequently involves assessing every customer interaction across channels to identify and solve pain points. The problem is, most of the customer interaction data is a continuous stream of audio or unstructured text that is difficult to analyze. Customer satisfaction surveys have low response rates and are inconvenient for customers to complete. When they are completed, a key output is often a Net Promoter Score (NPS) which is difficult for executives to act upon.

How We Help

We help you mine customer interaction data without costly data integration to fix experience pain-points.

Our Product Signals solution uses artificial intelligence to automatically mine unstructured data across customer interactions to identify pain points, reduce the need for customer satisfaction surveys and provide actionable insights – all in real time. We analyze the sentiment of each interaction and link it to product features, or other attributes that are used to measure and improve customer experience. This approach limits the number of requests you make of customers to fill out tedious customer feedback forms and allows executives to take actions to improve customer experience and raise their NPS.


Each industry has unique characteristics that drive company performance, dictate the types of products and services needed to capture customers and set the bar for winning the customer experience battle. We tailor our solutions to your industry specific needs.

Consumer Electronics

Increase your product development ROI by using our solutions across the product development life-cycle to de-risk your investments by understanding the features customers value most, how to message them and monitor post-launch to make timely adjustments

Travel & Hospitality

Increase your customer satisfaction by getting more timely and unfiltered feedback from reviews or through our mobile app as they experience your products - in the air, on the ground or around town

Consumer Packaged Goods

Improve the performance of your top categories by identifying trends that influence consumer purchase patterns and evaluating the appeal of different formularies, ingredients, messaging, packaging and placement

Financial Services & Insurance

Evaluate what customers think of specific product and service features and pricing through external data, and feedback from customer support channels to increase conversion, cross-sell and retention


Boost brand loyalty and customer satisfaction through analysis of customer review and feedback data to identify specific features, functions and packaging that influence buying behavior and inform how products are used in households

Fashion & Beauty

Increase sales and brand perception by including customers in the product development and innovation process through real-time feedback about their beauty and fashion goals and the products they currently rely on as well as identification of white space